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seaside management systems special offer on our ship-to-store software system

we have talked to several wholesale fishhouses and seafood landing companies that have in the past purchased software and then found out that it would not fit their needs. so, this is our offer, you can download our complete ship-to-store software package to your pc. the pc must be dos or windows compatible and either running on a network or as a stand along pc. why are we making this offer? because we know if you download and use our software on a trial basis you will be convinced that it is all we say it is, and you will make arrangements to become a client. try it and you will find it can save you money and time in executing you business. just press the software demo folder and follow the instructions.

welcome to seaside management online

seaside management systems has been involved with the seafood industry since 1986. we were asked to develop computer software to control fresh, frozen and processed inventory for the industry. this software had to be written to be easily used by a dock worker or the office manager. it had to be developed with security that allowed the employee to operate only the part of the software designed for their individual responsiblities. this software is known as ship-to-store and since 1986 it has grown to include accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, payroll, and invoicing. inventory has been expanded to allow for the tracking of all inventory bought, processed, and/or sold. this software will provide the invaluable information needed to manage all aspects of your business, so you can make profits in these trying times.

ship-to-store is a software system that is always growing with the industry. for example, when reporting of landings was required by the state of north carolina and the national fisheries, sts was enhanced to meet these requirements which saved businesses hours of paper work. this process of reporting landings is certified by north carolina and is the only electronic reporting system currently available. the national fisheries accepts either the paper reports or electronic data that is created by the ship-to-store system. so, if you are a fast growing or you want to be a fast growing seafood company this is the software you need.

if your business does one or more of the following, ship-to-store will meet your needs.

1) you want to know that inventory items have been sold not taken.
2) your sales tickets are sometimes cut by your customers.
3) you sell to your customers on consignment.
4) you wait for the market prices to cost fishing vessel tickets.
5) you process seafood and monitor profit margins.
6) you want your sales and purchases to automatically go to accounting without entering duplicate information.
7) you want your entire business information to be accessed for quick business decisions.

the ship-to-store software does all of these things with ease and much, much more.

company and web site instructions

for your convenience we have placed folders near the top of each page to view other more detailed information. by taking your mouse and clicking on the folder the desired information will appear. these folders are described below.

1) the folder titled 'software demo' will allow you to view the ship-to-store software system. this will allow you to view the entire package, because you will be able to walk through all the menus and processing screens of sts.

2) the folder titled 'software info' will display more detailed information about all the areas covered in the ship-to-store system.

3) the folder titled 'seafood mall' will display a list of client web pages and other seafood web pages we have found on the internet. we are in the process of developing a seafood mall for our clients as part of the ship-to-store customer service.

4) the folder titled 'contact us' will display a input area for you to obtain more information about the ship-to-store software system and our services. also, if you have any questions that we have not answered on this web site feel free to e-mail us and we will send you a quick response.

5) the folder titled 'home page' will return you to the home page which includes these instructions.

finally, seaside management systems has the best client service in the industry and we gladly take requests from our clients that will lead to the improvement of the ship-to-store software system.

ship-to-store´┐Ż is the first choice in complete seafood management; the ultimate software package for the fishing industry.

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